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Soho Wall Mount Cabinet

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SOHO rack cabinets are designed with 2 fan slots to control inner ventilation with a brush slit for cable entry at the top and bottom covers of cabinets.

It is fitted with an attachment slot on the back to make it easier to install on a wall.



  • Easily adaptable and suitable esthetical products to use.
  • Protects your devices against dust, liquid, and un-authorized interference.
  • Size : W600*D400*H300 mm
  • Color : RAL 7035 L-Grey RAL 9035 Black


Areas of usage:

  • Network access devices (ADSL)
  • Wireless Devices (Wireless Modem / Router)
  • Camera Recorders (DVR, NVR)
  • Telephone connection boxes (Junction box or splitter)
  • Hub / Switch
  • External hard disk