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SlimBox Wall Mounted Cabinet (SLIM design)

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SLIMBox Series Wall Mounted 19” Racks W=640mm (SLIM design)



- Securely locking hinged body.

- 23” (654 mm) useable equipment depth (vertical)

- Available in two racking heights: 4U and 6U space.  

- Punched knockouts in the backpan with plastic cover for cable entry:

o Top and bottom – 145 x 70 mm

o Right and left – 145 x 70 mm

- Punched knockouts in body of backpan with plastic cover for cable entry 145 x 70 mm

- One bottom located fan mounting position with guard (fan not included.)

- Vented front for cooling.

- The rack rail can be used both for vertical or horizontal directions. Adjustable front rack rail provides 20”-23” useable equipment depth vertically and A”-B” horizontally.

- Available with solid metal front door, or with plexi window on top. Front door swing is reversible.

- Available in a durable texture electrostatic powder paint

o 70-90 mm thickness

o 500hours of Salt Spray test resistance

o Adhesion capability EN ISO 2409: Class 0 to 1

o Colors: RAL 7035 or RAL 9005

o Max. Loading capacity: 100 kg