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Proline Wall Mount Cabinet

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Proline wall mount cabinet;

Wall mounted enclosure cabinets offer a cost-effective alternative for cabling installations. This series is utilized in workplaces for horizontal parts where a low U height is necessary while maintaining an appealing and professional appearance. 



1mm DKP sheet metal

1.2 mm DKP sheet metal


IP Classification

IP 20, Standard  

Ip40 with flat metal cover


Color Options

RAL 9005 Black  

RAL 7035 Light Grey


Loading Capacity

Suggested weight load 80 kg


Side Doors

Has locking system.  

Can be easily disassembled.


Bottom Plate  

1 opening for PVC cable with plastic cover.

Leveling feet can be attached.


Rear Panel (door)  

Several door options 1 opening for PVC cable with plastic cover.

Can be used as a Rear Panel mounting fixture.


Front Doors

Several door optionsSingle point locking Doors can be opened up to 236 degrees. Can be opened from the both sides (left and right).


Interior Parts 

19" mounting angles

Solid metal, 1.5mm DX51D+ZN275 Zinc plated, galvanized Adjustable in depth.